Best Cafes in Mussoorie and Restaurants You Must Visit

Best Cafes in Mussoorie

Mussoorie, also popularly known as  “Queen of the Hills” is a well-known and many people’s favorite hill station. It has an amazing climate all year and offers sublime views. It was founded in the year 1827 when some British officials climbed atop Doon hills and saw a valley that offered mesmerizing views. They were taken aback by its raw and virgin beauty and decided to make it a summer retreat.

Mussoorie is a haven for travelers and couples on their honeymoon. It has some of the most amazing viewpoints and having The Great Himalayas as a backdrop only helps in increasing its appeal.

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Mussoorie stands at about 2000 meters from sea level and thus has a cool and pleasant climate all around the year. It was once the British capital and one of the places where the colonizers used to go to relax.

The British influence is still visible in the city’s architecture and buildings. The Mall or The Mall Road is one of the most popular tourist spots of Mussoorie. It is lined on both sides with eateries and souvenir shops. This place is the classic example of British Architectural style and still gives off colonial vibes.

Gun Hill is another major tourist attraction of Mussoorie. It is the second-highest hill of the hill station and travelers can take a ride in the cable car to reach the summit. The journey in the cable car is an unforgettable one and offers the most beautiful views of the hill station.

With an unending list of spots and tourist destinations, you will be busy throughout the day. All the traveling must have made you hungry, right? We bring you some of the best cafes and restaurants that Mussoorie has to offer.

Best Cafes in Mussoorie

1. Cafe Ivy

Having a facility for both indoor and outdoor seating, cafe Ivy is one of the best cafes in Mussoorie for couples. It offers amazing and scenic views of the deep ravines that are found in Mussoorie.

Cafe Ivy
Cafe Ivy

It has the best variety of food and one can always come here to relax and rewind with a piping hot cup of coffee and a book and get absorbed into Mother Nature’s lap.

The best dishes that this place offers are pasta, pizzas, and hot chocolate. You should definitely give these dishes a try. This place is situated in the Chardukhan area of Landour Cantt.

2. Casa Mia Bakery

It is a haven for all the dessert enthusiasts and the people that have a sweet tooth. It dishes out the best and the warmest croissants, pies, and other such baked goodies.

Casa Mia Bakery
Casa Mia Bakery

You should especially try their apple pie and patties. According to popular opinion, we also recommend you to try their fruit cream. It is not too sweet and has real fruit pieces. It is a perfect dish for those who don’t like desserts.

Though it doesn’t have a seating arrangement, all the good food covers up for it. You can also burn the calories you gain by eating the food standing.

3. Little Llama Cafe

If you are looking for a good cafe in Mussoorie, La Llama is the place for you. It is the quintessential cafe of a hill station. It gives off a very homely and comfortable vibe that makes visitors want to come back for more.

Little Llama Cafe
Little Llama Cafe

The mutton burgers, pepperoni pizzas, and berry shakes, as well as their spicy fries, pesto pizza with bacon, herb-roasted chicken, and pasta are the most recommended dishes according to a local guide.

It has an amazing view of the valley and with the delicious food, it is an amazing combo! It boasts of huge patronage and is one of the best view cafes in Mussoorie. You should visit this cafe at least once when in Mussoorie.

4. Landour Bakehouse

This cafe is located in the Sister’s Bazaar area of the Landour Cantt. It was established back in 2013 and has a perfectly quiet ambiance and gives an old-school vibe.

Landour Bakehouse
Landour Bakehouse

The cafe’s menu is perfectly suited for the atmosphere that the cafe offers. If you are in Mussoorie and the weather is a bit cold, make sure to visit this café and order a Chocolate Croissant, Honey Ginger Lemon Tea, and Walnut Pie.

They have nearly all types of bread and baked foods. The menu also offers a tea selection and includes classics like madeleines. Don’t miss their hot chocolate either.

5. Cafe by the way

It is one of the best cafes in Mussoorie mall road. It is located on the bylanes of Mall road and is situated in an old, Victorian structure. The interiors of the building are classy and add a vintage look to the cafe.

Cafe by the way
Cafe by the way

This place has a lot of options to offer. The menu includes sandwiches, thick shakes, garlic bread, and even some paninis. You can take a book, order some comforting and delicious food and just sit back and relax, enjoying the beautiful view that the best view cafe in Mussoorie has to offer.

6. Lovely Omelet Center

People come from far and wide to have a taste of the hot, fluffy omelets that are offered here. This place is small and humble. It has only two tables outside the shop for seating the customers, but the crowd milling outside betrays the size of the shop.

Lovely Omelet Center
Lovely Omelet Center

It is recognized by many newspapers and websites to be the best omelet restaurant in India and many also claim it to be the best omelet in the country. You might have to wait for a long time to get an omelet, but the final product is worth the wait! You can try the masala omelet, cheese omelet, and chocolate omelet. One taste, and you will always keep coming for more!

7. Kalsang Friends Cafe

Kalsang Cafe is one of the best cafes on Mussoorie Road. It serves an exquisite menu that has a wide range of cuisines. The three types of cuisines served there are Thai, Tibetan, and Chinese.

Kalsang Friends Cafe
Kalsang Friends Cafe

It has a menu that spans ten astonishing pages. Imagine the variety! The best thing to have here is the Tibetan dumplings. The covering layer is paper-thin and the filling is super delicious!

You can also try the dim sum soup, tingmo, and last but not the least, their specialty, Tibetan Butter Tea. This place has been serving both veg and non-veg dishes for more than 15 years. The taste has remained constant over the years and the best part is that you can have a full stomach at an affordable price.

8. Chic Chocolate

It is one of the best cafes in Mussoorie. It is situated on the busy Mall Road and offers an amazing ambiance. The best part about this cafe is the interior, which is a blend of modern and rustic design.

Chic Chocolate
Chic Chocolate

This cafe is the talk of the town because of its amazing variety of pizzas, nachos, and shakes. One can also try their famous homemade chocolates, for which people travel from far and wide.

Visiting this cafe and having its taste buds tingling food is an experience you will never forget.

Best Restaurants in Mussoorie

1. The Writer’s Bar

What comes to your mind when you hear this name? Calm, peaceful, and serene environment which is perfect for a writer to concentrate and write an amazing story, right?

The Writer’s Bar
The Writer’s Bar

That is exactly how the ambiance of The Writer’s Bar is. You can enjoy a peaceful evening here with a beverage of your choice. The restaurant has an old-school ambiance that perfectly suits any mood. It is situated on Spring Road, Mussoorie. It costs about 1500/- for two people and it is one of the best restaurants in Mussoorie.

2. JW Cafe

This is a restaurant that you wouldn’t want to miss at any cost. It is one of the best restaurants in Mussoorie for couples. This restaurant boasts of an open-air dining area which also offers some amazing views of the surrounding hills.

It also is an all-day dining restaurant, which makes it accessible at any time. This feature is excellent because you don’t have any time constraints to visit this place. You can visit whenever you have time and want to relax.

It costs about 2500/- for two people to dine here. A bit expensive, agreed. But the great food and amazing views are totally worth the money. It is situated in the Siya village on the Kempty Fall road.

3. Wisteria Deck

A serene and memorable dining experience awaits you at Wisteria Deck, which is a venture by the JW Marriot Walnut Grove and Spa. The restaurant offers an open terrace dining that overlooks the majestic Himalayas.

Wisteria Deck
Wisteria Deck

What better than having amazing food and that too with a beautiful and scenic view. This restaurant has an outdoor fireplace which adds to the appeal of outdoor dining. It is very child-friendly, so parents can easily have a great time here without having to worry about their children.

The cost for two people is about 1800/-. It is very appropriately priced considering the food, family-friendly environment, and the scenic views it offers. Their specialty is cheese-less pizza. It is a must-try!  It is one of the best restaurants in Mussoorie for families.

4. The Tavern Restaurant

The interior of this restaurant is very tidy and has earthy tones. It has a sophisticated, yet modern look, which will appeal to all types of crowds.

The Tavern Restaurant
The Tavern Restaurant

It has a vast majority of cuisines, ranging from Indian, Thai, and Chinese to Italian and Continental. Tavern also has an array of delicious desserts for people with a sweet tooth.

It is suitable for groups, families and is one of the best restaurants in Mussoorie for couples. The average cost of dinner/lunch for two people is about 1500/-. It is situated at Picture Palace, Mall Road. It is also one of the best restaurants in Mall Road.

5. Emily Rokeby Mano

This timeless beauty was built way back in the 1800s when the colonizers started developing Mussoorie. The location of this place is therefore one of the most beautiful points in Mussoorie.

Emily Rokeby Mano
Emily Rokeby Mano

The view that this restaurant provides us with, is unparalleled. It is one of the best restaurants in Mussoorie with a view. The food served here has a distinct taste to it that one can never forget. It is etched on your taste buds forever.

It is situated in the Rajmandi area of the Landour Cantt of Mussoorie. The average cost of dining for two people is around 1400/-. The North Indian cuisine served here is very delicious and is a must try.

6. Doma’s Inn

This quiet and homely restaurant makes you feel at home with its amazing atmosphere and comfortable ambiance. It has very calming interiors and the inner walls are adorned with various film posters for Bollywood junkies.

Doma’s Inn
Doma’s Inn

The food served here is of various cuisines. Ranging from Thai to Tibetian, it has all. Even the name has a very soothing sound to it. The restaurant’s specialty is the Tibetan food and also everyone’s favorite, momos or dumplings!

It is situated in the Landour Cantt area of Mussoorie and is the best restaurant in Mussoorie for affordable food. Costing around 500/- for two people, this restaurant lets you satisfy your cravings without totally emptying your pockets.

7. Uphaar Veg

For all the vegetarian crowd out there, Mussoorie has something for you too! Uphaar Veg is a restaurant that has the best of veg food and the palate ranges over a large variety of cuisines. This is a must visit place if you are in Mussoorie. The dosas and the veg gravies are worth dying for. It is also easily accessible.

Uphaar veg is situated on the Mall road, Mussoorie and is very affordable and cheap. It is one of the best veg restaurants in Mussoorie.

Final Words

These are all the restaurants and cafes in Mussoorie that you should try at least once. We presented you the best of the best, the creamy layer of the restaurants in Mussoorie. We believe in giving only quality and thus, here were the best restaurants in Mussoorie and best cafes in Mussoorie. You can also check out our other articles on best resorts in Mumbai and best hotel in Matheran for couples. Do you have any more good restaurants in Mussoorie to suggest? We would love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section!

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