Best Hotels in Matheran for couples

Best Hotels in Matheran for couples

Matheran has for a long time, been a local favorite of vacationers and holiday trip planners. Being a hill station and also being at a nearby to the major cities of Maharashtra has only helped it in gaining massive popularity.

Matheran is known for its beautiful, sloping valleys, lush and abundant greenery and its welcoming hotels and resorts which exude hospitality and make you feel at home, away from home. People visit here all over the year as this place has a lot to offer, plus the weather is cool and pleasant all over the year.

Because of its close affinity to Mumbai, a large percentage of the vacation crowd is from this city, and most of that percentage comprises of couples. Now, it is no big surprise as to why couples love Matheran as their vacation spot. This hill station guarantees a romantic and sensual getaway that is much needed in today’s busy and hectic lifestyle.

Now, you might be thinking, “How would it be if me and my partner have a short vacation here”? If you are planning to have a short, relaxing, and soul-fulfilling stay, nothing is better than Matheran, and we are here to help you decide where to stay in Matheran.

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Best Hotels in Matheran for Honeymoon

If you are recently married and are looking for hotels in Matheran for your Honeymoon, one of the best time to visit Matheran hill station is after getting married. We will help in providing inputs to help make your decision. These are some of the best and classiest hotels to stay in for your Honeymoon.

Couple on Honeymoon
Couple on Honeymoon

1) Hotel Usha Ascot

When you think of Honeymoon in Matheran, Hotel Usha Ascot automatically comes up as the top recommendation from almost everyone. This hotel offers you the best services and amenities and that too at a pretty justifiable cost.

Providing you with world-class amenities like jacuzzi, sauna, couples massage booth and a great dining hall, with a large variety of food and cuisines to choose from. They even have a provision for a dance floor and a bar to have drinks and dance with your partner. Starting at a price of 6800/- per night, this place offers the perfect stay for a nice and long Honeymoon.

2) Verandah in the Forest

Imagine this that you are living in a wonderful hotel that is in the lap of nature. It will greet you with amazing views every morning. Now, let me tell you the neat part. You don’t have to imagine it as you can live like this at the Verandah in the forest.

The forest waits for you. You can take long walks to explore the beautiful and abundant flora that Matheran’s forests have to offer or enjoy some of the amazing local dishes which are unparalleled in taste. You can also take a boat trip at Charlotte Lake and have a bird watching session with your beloved. Price per night starts at 4000/-.

Best Hotels in Matheran for Unmarried Couples

Unmarried Couple
Unmarried Couple

1) Westend Hotel

Located in Matheran, Westend Hotel is a haven for unmarried couples who wish to spend some time together away from the hustle bustle of the city. It has well curated AC tents alongside the central swimming pool, which offers a great experience.

Also, one can have a wonderful and fulfilling meal here and there is a great variety to choose from as well. There are many points and attractions very close to the resort. Other interesting things like the Echo Point, Louisa Point and also the Toy Train is very close-by. Pricing is very reasonable and affordable and starts at 2300/- per night.

2) Lords Central Hotel

Built more than a hundred years ago, the Lords Hotel is a colonial style hotel and is the only hotel run by a Parsi family. It is built overlooking the main Matheran ridge and has some of the best and amazing views that Matheran has to offer.

The services provided are a small library, colonial style cottages, a nice swimming pool, a bar and a very kind and hospitable staff. Starting at just 2050/- per night, this place is one of the best hotels in Matheran with a valley view.

Matheran Resorts for Couples

Resort for Couples
Resort for Couples

1) Adamo, The Resort

Nestled amidst the magical western ghats, Adamo Resort is one of the leading wellness resorts in the country and is a visionary in the field of wellness. Its detailed interiors and theme give it a colonial era look and it makes one feel at peace.

This place offers amazing activities and services for couples to do during their stay. They also have a dedicated restaurant, Athiti Devo Bhava, which caters to the need of every guest. It has a wide spread of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Although a bit expensive at 6200/- per night, it is worth every paisa.

2) MTDC resort

Last but not the least, Maharashtra government built MTDC resorts are one of the best options to stay at as they offer great services at a very nominal price. It is well equipped with all facilities and is very close to the railway station as well.

It will cost you around 1400/- to book a room for a night. The food here is amazing and also the view here is next to none. This is one of the best place to stay in Matheran for couples.

These are, according to us, some of the best places Matheran has to offer for couples. Do you know any more of such hotels/resorts and would like to share your experience with us? Feel free to do so in the comments section!

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