Best Places in Ahmedabad for Couples

Best Places in Ahmedabad for Couples

Ahmedabad is one of the biggest and the most popular cities of Gujarat and is the hub of cultural activity. It was founded by Sultan Ahmed Shah in the year 1411. The city is rich, vibrant and colorful. Through its culture, we can take a look into its diverse history and high-spirited current world.

Gujarat is a very romantic place and Gujaratis are a very loving people. So it is not a surprise that Ahmedabad is like a haven for couples and lovers. Beautiful sceneries and a lot of cafes and restaurants make this place an ideal setting for a romantic date. Let’s have a look at some of the best places in Ahmedabad for couples.

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Best Hangout places for couples in Ahmedabad

1. Sabarmati Riverfront

This riverfront built along the Sabarmati river offers a wide, panoramic view of the river and is a great option for long, romantic walks with your beau.

Sabarmati Riverfront
Sabarmati Riverfront

The calm waters and the smooth lapping sound of the waves offer a perfect backdrop for the amorous moments that you will spend with your loved one. You can also have a motor boat take you on a course along the river and have a perfect day.

2. Kankaria Lake

Did you know that the logo of State Bank of India is taken from Kankaria lake? This lake is etched deep in history and is the perfect destination for lovebirds due to its historical significance.

Kankaria Lake
Kankaria Lake

The lake is calm, pretty and has many fun activities to do with your spouse. You can either do those activities or if you are the quiet couple type, you could just sit around, enjoying the natural beauty of this place. Its entry fee costs you 10/- per adult.

3. Bhadra Fort

Constructed under the rule of Sultan Ahmed Shah in the year 1411, this fort is like a town itself. Here, you can roam around for an entire day and still not get bored as there is so much to explore!

Bhadra Fort
Bhadra Fort

This fort gives out a vibe that makes the entire atmosphere very romantic and you will feel like love is in the air. If you want to explore this fort with your special someone, do go. It will not disappoint you.

  1. Sunset Drive-in: What is more romantic than watching a movie with your girlfriend/boyfriend? Watching it in an open air drive-in theater! The Sunset Drive-in in Ahmedabad is a very beautiful point to do so. Also, you can relax in the cool, flowing breeze and have a great time from the comfort of your vehicle!

  2. Jama Masjid: You don’t have to be a devotee to appreciate the beauty and the marvel that is Jama Masjid. Constructed during the reign of the Sultan, this masjid is perfect for a quiet and peaceful time that is much needed in the hustle-bustle of the city. This is also perfect for couples for having long walks and long talks as the Masjid is open to all. Come with your loved ones to admire the beauty of this place.

Now that you have visited all these places and had so much fun, you would be feeling hungry right? We are there to help you out! We have listed the best Ahmedabad has to offer, foodwise.

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Best Candlelight Dinner in Ahmedabad

1. Mango

This restaurant is lush, romantic and spacious, all in one! Spread over 40,000 sq. ft, this place offers some of the most delicious and memorable candlelight dinners in all of Ahmedabad. This hotel also boasts of live music and an ambient setting like no other. This hotel is a must visit if you want to plan an anniversary dinner.

2. Wind and Water

Wind and Water is one of the most elegant and esteemed restaurants in Ahmedabad. Offering the most amazing and delicious European cuisine is one of the highlights of this restaurant. It also has glass flooring which covers a pool full of goldfish. That is a very innovative idea and has helped in upping their profile as a luxurious restaurant. It is designed to make it seem as if the patrons are amidst nature, and that according to me is the best part about this place.

3. Olives Restaurant

If privacy and good food could be combined and put in one place, Olives Restaurant would be the outcome. Providing a multi-cuisine pure veg menu is the specialty of this restaurant. It has small enclosures that guarantee the couples their privacy and allow them to have a delightful candlelight dinner.

Best Dinner places in Ahmedabad for couples

1. Collage

Collage is considered to be the best restaurant in Ahmedabad and is very famous for its non-veg dishes. It serves meat dishes so delicious that it has gained a lot of regular customers. The collage stands overlooking a lake, which makes it a great place for couples to have a romantic dinner. It also has a rich and lavish ambience that goes with the romantic mood perfectly

2. Mocha

This cafe set with an urban theme is a very good place to have a romantic date at. It has a great seating area, which is beautifully lit and well furnished. Also, the food and the ambience totally complement each other and the service is on point. It is one of the most sought after restaurants in Ahmedabad for an intimate dinner.

3. Unlocked

As its name suggests, Unlocked bistro really transports you into a whole new world and unlocks many doors of happiness and fulfillment. Unlocked is a new age concept restaurant that aims at pleasing the customer aesthetically first and then gastronomically. The interior is designed very nicely and is not too extravagant. The furnishing is in tune with the interiors and this added with good food, this place provides the perfect setting of an amazing date!

Best Places in Ahmedabad for Lunch

1. Agashiye Restaurant

Agashiye Restaurant is one of the oldest and the most respectable dining places in Ahmedabad. It is located in the midst of Lal Darwaza, which is one of the most important historical places of Ahmedabad. This historical tag adds more value to this restaurant and also adds to its charm. It offers the most delectable meals that will make you come back for more.

2. Epitome

A pukka avatar of fine dining, Epitome is hands down one of the most intimate, and romantic diners in Ahmedabad. From the shimmering lights to the culinary feasts, Epitome leaves no stone unturned in looking out for its customers and totally winning them over with class and mouth watering dishes.

3. 650, The Global Kitchen

Ideal for a brunch or a lunch, 650, The Global Kitchen is a must visit place for you and your special someone. It offers a wide variety of lip smacking dishes that tingle your taste buds. The interior setting of this place is very simplistic and quite romantic as well. This restaurant is recommended by many as one of the best places for a delicious lunch. The Ravioli and the Paneer Angara from this place are worth dying for.


These, according to us, are the best places to be at and the best places to eat in Ahmedabad, the Vibrant City. Do you have any recommendations for some amazing places for an intimate dinner date or a place where you can hang around with your loved ones? We would love to know about them. Feel free to type it out in the comments section.

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