Best Resorts near Mumbai for Couples

Best Resorts near Mumbai for Couples

Mumbai has many different names, be it “The Financial Capital of India”, “The Maximum City”, “The Hollywood of India”, “The City that never sleeps”,  and many more. But the name that sticks and is the most relatable is “The City of Dreams”.

Indeed, if one is willing to put in the blood, sweat and tears, the city is very kind-hearted and welcomes you with open arms. That’s the only thing this city asks you for. You should be willing to sacrifice to gain the lifestyle of your dreams.

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Some people take this message too seriously and don’t seem to find time for their near and dear ones. This often leads to more stress and strife amongst loved ones. This problem is more common amongst couples, who while constantly working, can’t take some time out of their day to spend it with their significant other.


Mumbai also sees a great footfall of tourists, be it Indians or be it Foreigners. The great burst of people is a great sight to witness and the hustle and bustle that is generated by these people is the lifeline of this city. Many a times, we get to see couples who are out to enjoy each other’s company roaming around the city.

Mind you, the city might seem small on the map, but with all its attractions, it is impossible to cover it within a day’s time. If you have come from a far off place, you need to make some staying arrangements for yourself and your companion. Even if you are from another nearby city, staying in Mumbai for at least 2 days is recommended.

The title of “Maximum City “ comes with a lot of responsibilities, and providing good, nay, great hospitality services for its citizens and visitors is a major one. Many hotels and resorts in Mumbai are very pricey and one may not be able to afford them.

If you are looking for well-priced and affordable living arrangements, looking for them outside Mumbai might be helpful as they are away from the hustle-bustle of the urban structure, have the advantage of being nestled in nature and also are perfectly-priced.

Best Resorts Near Mumbai

Mumbai has some of the best resorts and hospitality services in all of India. From 5-star ultra luxurious hotels like The Taj, Ramada, Radisson Blu, Oberoi, etc to very affordable and comfortable lodgings for couples strapped on to a budget.

The city looks after everyone’s needs. No one is left unsatisfied in the “City of Dreams”. Once you think of something and strive towards achieving it, it is well within your grasp. Who said that a luxurious vacation is only for the upper class? Some resorts can provide you with the best resources and amenities for nearly a fraction of the price that is charged at 5-star hotels.

Everyone needs some days of rest after the hard work they put in everyday. Who better to enjoy the days with than your beloved? Imagine going to a place surrounded by nature and a room that stands overlooking a scenic view. Enticing right? You can experience this in real life instead of just imagining it.

We will take you in and about some of the best hotels and restaurants around and near Mumbai, where you can spend some quality time with your special one in a great atmosphere and at the same time, be close to the city that you want to explore.

1. Hidden Village Resort

The atmosphere and the ambiance of this resort is as mystic and wondrous as its name. It is situated in a quiet and secluded pocket of forest in Thane, away from the hustle-bustle. The resort offers first-in-class thatched huts inspired rooms. Also offered are red brick walls and many amenities that make the stay a comfortable one.

Hidden Village Resort
Hidden Village Resort

This resort also has a facility of natural hot springs. This is a major attraction for young couples  who like to spend some quality time with their significant other in the lap of nature. The average cost per night is 4200/-, which is quite affordable and is one of the cheaper options to choose from. It also has a variety of house types to choose from. Hill house offers privacy like no other. A great place overall for young couples.

2. Dune Barr House

This cultural heritage dates back to the 19th Century. It is located in Matheran and one of the best hotel for couples, surrounded by abundant flora and fauna. It used to be a mansion of a prince, which was later on sold to the current owners. The intricate structure can be seen inside the place.

Dune Barr House
Dune Barr House

This place exudes royalty and one can click great pictures here. This resort gives us a 360 degree view of Matheran hills. There are a limited number of rooms, so you must book well in advance. Also, a pro of this is that privacy is taken care of. One room will cost you about 6499/- per night. The view and the privacy with your beloved are totally worth it.

3. Maple Ivy

This is one of the best resorts for couples near Mumbai. It is situated nearly 100 KM from Mumbai and is the perfect getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city for the young couples.

Maple Ivy
Maple Ivy

It is a mixture of class, luxury and fun. This mix is very rare to see nowadays. The fact that this resort offers such facilities is a wonderful thing. It also has great hospitality services and boasts of some of the best views. Also, the specialty is its banquet hall, where one can host parties and other events. The cost per room is 3000/- and is very affordable for couples.

4. C Cube Resort

If you are looking for a getaway from your boring and monotonous life, C Cube resort is perfect for you and your special someone. This beautiful resort is situated amongst lush, green nature and is best for romantic trips.

C Cube Resort
C Cube Resort

It is circled by beautiful and dense woods that make your mind and body peaceful. Overall, the atmosphere too is very romantic. The rooms are equipped with all modern amenities and the food is great too. Costing at 3500/- per night, these rooms are the best one can find within such a close range to Mumbai.

5. Ccaza Commodore

This beautiful resort is situated in Alibaug. The best way to reach here is by a ferry from Mumbai. This honeymoon resort is the best-in-class and most of you will agree, it’s also one of a kind.

It is located very close to Saswane beach, which is just the best for amorous walks, with the sound of waves lapping on the beach. The main attraction is the private villa you can rent here for an uninterrupted time with your loved one. The average cost per night is 5000/- per room.

Ccaza Commodore
Ccaza Commodore

Treasure Island Resort- This beautiful paradise is loosely based on the R. L. Stevenson classic, Treasure Island. It is also one of the most pocket-friendly resorts around Mumbai. It is around 100 kms from the city and easily accessible.

The best features are the adventure activities the resort offers. Overall, the resort gives out an adventurous vibe. The rooms cost about 2500/- per night and this is one of the best resorts near Mumbai for couples.

6. Velvet Country Resorts and Spa

What do you imagine your perfect couples vacation to be? Having a big room with the best amenities, vast green woods seen from the window when you wake up and a beautiful sunset when you have your tea. If this is what you thought of, then Velvet Country is the resort for you!

Velvet Country Resorts and Spa
Velvet Country Resorts and Spa

The resort has everything a modern couple asks for, privacy and amenities. It is a great place to be at to escape from the busy life of the city. Rooms start from 3500/- per night and are some of the most affordable rooms around Mumbai.

7. Anandvan Resort

Anandvan Resort is a 4-star resort surrounded by lush greenery and has the best amenities. This resort is one of the best nature resorts for couples near Mumbai.

Anandvan Resort
Anandvan Resort

It soars majestically at the height of 2800 ft and offers comfy villas and rooms overlooking Lake Arthur Hill. It is also one of the cheapest resorts around Mumbai for couples. Rooms start here at 2375/- per night and you get the best view and the best experience for the lowest prices.

8. Mystica Resort

This resort is one of the best resorts near Mumbai for couples for weekend getaways. It also provides the facilities for vacations, weddings, honeymoon packages and many such activities. All the architecture is inspired by contemporary designs and is made with sheer elegance. It also has its own private lake! Can you imagine that!

This place also boasts of a lagoon swimming pool, which is one-of-a-kind and also has a poolside lounge for you to enjoy drinks while chilling by the pool. It burns a hole of 5000/- every night you spend there, but it’s all totally worth it!

Best Resort near Mumbai for Family

1. Della Adventure Resort

How can one think about great family resorts and forget Della Resort! It is the ultimate family vacation destination and one of the most luxurious one too.

Della Adventure Resort
Della Adventure Resort

You can enjoy many fun activities here, like go-karting, rappelling, hiking and many more! The ambiance is very majestic and just sends positive vibes to anyone visiting here! It is also one of the best resorts for a one day trip near Mumbai for couples. They also offer 5-star tents as accommodation and trust me, they are the best! The best services and foods are offered here, and the food menu is just too vast to comprehend. It costs about 14000 to 22000 per night. It may seem a bit expensive, but it’s totally worth it!

2. Sun Beach Resort

It is touted to be one of the tidiest and safest beach resorts in Mumbai. It is situated along the Arabian Sea and is the best resort for couples and families in Mumbai.

Sun Beach Resort
Sun Beach Resort

It is situated on the Gorai Beach in Borivali, which is very far from the hustle-bustle of the city and is perfect for a romantic getaway. It costs about 4000/- for a weekend room booking and 2500/- for a weekday booking. Extremely affordable and has the best amenities and a marvellous view.

3. Pali Beach Resort

What’s better than spending a day with your family on a beach resort? It is to also have a built in amusement park! While you enjoy the sun sipping on cold beverages, your kids make the most out of the day in the water rides and have a hell of a time!

Pali Beach Resort
Pali Beach Resort

It is located near Bhayander, in Thane, overlooking the great Arabian Sea. The resort’s main attractions are its amazing rides and wonderful rooms! It costs you about 900/- for the amusement park. It is one of the best resorts for a one day trip for a family.

Best Resorts near Mumbai in Monsoon

1. Prakruti Resort

As its name suggests, Prakruti resort is well enveloped in nature. It is located in the Kashid village near Alibaug. With the beach facing property, it is one of the best resorts near Mumbai for couples for one day.

Prakruti Resort
Prakruti Resort

It has a vast array of activities to do, and one can explore the mountains and walk along the beach on the same day, making it a resort perfect for monsoons. It costs from anywhere between 11000/- to 46000/- for a room per night. Quite expensive, agreed! But the experience you gain is just priceless!!

2. The Machan

It is a treat for nature lovers and those who love to surround themselves completely in nature. It is basically tree houses built atop trees and stand at about 35-40 ft from the ground level. Machan is a great place for a one day trip near Mumbai for couples.

The Machan
The Machan

It is considered to be one of the best resorts near Mumbai in monsoon, and justifiably so. During monsoons, the surroundings become enchanting and magical. One must absolutely visit this resort with their loved ones. Costing anywhere between 9000/- to 16000/-, I can guarantee you one thing, it’s totally worth it!

These are some of the resorts near Mumbai for couples and families that are hand-picked by us! Do you know more such resorts? Please let us know in the comments section!

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