Romantic Birthday Celebration Places In Ahmedabad for Couples

Bluez Restaurant Cafe

It is believed that Indian people love to eat food anytime. People have mixed food types of taste buds. Everyone likes to eat food in a good restaurant ambiance where they can spend their time and enjoy their moment. Almost every couple goes outside for lunch or dinner at least two or three times a month. Nowadays, it is a trend to celebrate birthdays in a good restaurant. Because most couples want to spend time with each other on that special day, they book a candlelight dinner for their partner.  So here are the perfect Birthday Celebration Places In Ahmedabad for Couples. diets and fitness site steroids australia urban fitness

Every couple likes to organize or celebrate his\her spouse’s birthday in restaurants to surprise them. What do most couples like in a restaurant? Romantic music, rooftop restaurant, candlelight dinner, sweet fragrances, and good food are all the things to make that special day more special. 

It makes your spouse feel great if you plan a birthday surprise or a candlelight dinner. Some main dishes are mainly known as Gujarati dishes like Dhokla, khakra, thepla, etc. Every Gujarati food contains a sweeter taste and is lovingly prepared. 

So, if you want to organize or plan a birthday celebration for your partner, then there are the best places in Ahmedabad to plan. 

Birthday Celebration Places In Ahmedabad for Couples

1. Bluez Terrace cafe 

Bluez Restaurant Cafe

As its name suggests, it is a cafe on the terrace with a wonderful view. Not only on the terrace but also in the seating arrangement in the inner area. The Interior is mainly for the office person or colleagues and office meetings. Your partner will be surprised if you plan a birthday celebration in this cafe. The cafe offers pizza, Chinese, shakes, etc. This spot is a good choice for young couples. 

2. @Nine – Sola 

You can plan here for a birthday celebration. It is one of the most romantic restaurants in Ahmedabad and the best for couples. You can pre-book your table and enjoy the food. @Nine, which is an outstanding combination of calming music, delicious meals, and seating arrangement on the rooftop. It is a part of the greatest properties that is Fern network of hotels. The restaurant is painted with blue color that looks amazing, and you can have beautiful skyline impressions and will serve world-class food.

Direction to @Nine

Reserve a table @Nine

3. @Mango


It is the best in everything. The most romantic place for a birthday celebration. Couples can spend time with each other. It green felt freecell solitaire has a beautiful appearance and lip-smacking dishes. The restaurant has dishes like traditional, contemporary, and many more. It is an attractive restaurant for a couple to celebrate a birthday party. 

4. Olive restaurant 

It is a demanding restaurant to celebrate a birthday or other special day for a couple. You will feel that you are floating on a pool because this has a dining area on the poolside. The restaurant is pure vegetarian, and people enjoy the food. It is placed on the Sindhu Bhavanmarg. It offers a main course, starters, continental, and north Indian. 

5. Palm De Bistro Ahmedabad

This restaurant has a party lawn and a dining area decorated for couples. It is a restaurant that provides healthy food with the best services from the staff. The ambiance of a restaurant is very attractive and couple-friendly. The lighting of a restaurant turns on as romantic dim light. You can opt for this cafe for a birthday celebration and make that day special. 

6. Soulmate Restaurant 

Soulmate Restaurant 

You already think from its name about what type of cafe it is. This cafe makes sweet and wonderful memories. It has a unique characteristic like it is already in a shape like You “n” Me and princess “n” prince. Apart from this, the cafe’s decor is romantic, with many balloons.  They give private space to the couples who come there. Food is also best for the people. 

7. Tiger Bay Restaurant  

Tiger Bay 

The restaurant has the best interior, and the food quality is incredible. The cafe’s interior is not regular cafe-style; it shows the ambiance of Indo-western style that is perfect for a birthday celebration for a couple. It has both types of food, Veg, and Non-veg. The staff members of this cafe are decent and properly serve food. 

8. Wind and Water 

The restaurant has one of the best interiors in Ahmedabad. It has pool glass flooring having fishes of orange color. The restaurant is also famous for European cuisine. The restaurant’s ambiance is outstanding, and every couple prefers to come here because this is open-air, which amazes every couple. Furthermore, the restaurant is surrounded by waterfalls and trees. 

Birthday Celebration Places In Ahmedabad for Couples : Other than Cafes 

These are some of the best cafes for romantic and birthday celebrations for couples. There are various other places where you can celebrate your partner’s special more wonderfully. Some of them are- the Sabarmati riverfront, kankaria lake, Vastrapur Lake, Victoria Garden, etc. These are the places where you can spend time with your partner and make memories. Sometimes couples plan birthday celebrations near beaches, lakes, or gardens to make it more special and memorable. They enjoy and spend quality time with each other. 

Final thoughts 

These are the places where you can plan a birthday celebration.  Almost every couple celebrates their birthday and plans a birthday celebration for their spouse. The places mentioned above and cafes are the best romantic places in Ahmedabad. You must visit there or plan a birthday celebration from the above list. Explore any of the places mentioned above of your choice and make that day memorable for both of you. 

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