How to Reach Antarctica from India

How to Reach Antarctica from India

Antarctica is one of the least visited continents of the world. According to the Antarctic Southern Ocean Coalition aka ASOC, Only 80,000 people visit the continent.

Antarctica is witnessing more visitors every couple of years. The growing interest of the visitors is surely a great sign for the tourism industry for the continent.

But how to reach the Antarctic from India? Is there any direct commercial flight to the continent? or you’ll have to travel across different continents to reach the most untravelled area on the planet earth. Let’s find out.

Before getting on-to the main part, Did you know that the USA registers the most visitors to Antarctica. Interestingly, Canada isn’t in second place, it’s China.

Antarctica registered a whopping 7000% growth in Chinese tourists in the last 10 years. This surely conveys that off-beat tourist destinations like Antarctica can be the next tourists spot for you.

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How to reach Antarctica from India?

Well, there are only two ways to reach Antarctica from India. Those are, via Airways or cruise ships.

Travelling to Antarctica via airplane is not the most suitable and the best way as it can be cancelled at any time due to the harsh weather.

Being a fact that there are only a limited number of airplanes going to Antarctica it’s very expensive to afford one, especially from India.

So for all my polar enthusiasts, Cruising is the only feasible option.

More detail about How to Reach Antarctica from India

You can choose 3 ways to reach Antarctica from India.

  1. India pc spiele 2016 kostenlos to Argentina to Antarctica
  2. India to Australia to Antarctica
  3. India to New Zealand to Antarctica

The most affordable way is to go to Argentina via Airplane and take a ship to Antarctica.

85% of visitors going to Antarctica use this option as it is easier to reach Antarctica from South American countries.

Antarctica doesn’t have any government of its own. So you don’t need a visa to reach the Antarctic from India. But, you’ll have to apply for a visa for the buffer country you’re planning to choose.

What’s the budget to reach Antarctica from India?

1. Cruise

Now as we know, a cruise is the best way to reach the most inaccessible continent of the world. Now let’s have a look at the budget for a tour of Antarctica from India.

By Cruise

The cruise can cost you around INR 600000 to INR 1000000. This may cover facilities like rooms with double or triple sharing.

More luxurious cruises can charge around INR 1800000 or more to take you to Antarctica.

2. Flights

By Air
By Air

If you have planned your trip pretty well, you may get your seat in one of the exclusive flights from Mumbai at a cost of mere INR 200000. That to a round trip.

3. Others

Other expenses completely depend on personal choices. You can spend something around INR 21000 to INR 45000 depending upon how you’re trying to spend your funds.

What to do in Antarctica after reaching from India?

After reaching Antarctica from India, it’ll take quite some time to settle in the weather.

From a crowded place to a place with a limited number of people you may feel pretty weird in the beginning.

Travelling in Antarctica is not just roaming around and having fun, it’s more of an expedition.

You’ll be surrounded by scientists and geographers helping you to know more about the continent and the history of the place.

You’ll be witnessing some of the most beautiful mountains and glaciers that you won’t be able to see anywhere else.

If you’re thinking about seeing polar bears, you’re on the wrong side of the earth. North pole is home to polar bears, you may find some penguins in the southern pole.

It’ll be a once in a lifetime opportunity for sure. Antarctica will change your perspective of seeing the world and other 6 continents.

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