Our Honeymoon at Maldives – All About Romantic Sunsets & Experience


Maldives is the primary honeymoon destination for a thousand reasons, and why not. With its pristine beaches, long sandy coasts, an ethereal sunset at dusk and a wide range of exquisite accommodations, makes it almost a dreamy and panoramic location to visit with the love of your life. One can find tons of intriguing activities to indulge in. From food touring, island shopping, water sports and island hunting, to relaxing restaurant visits and an edutainment trip about the cultural activities of this island are must try things.

If you are an adventure lover, the Maldives has a wide range of water sports activities that come inclusive in your honeymoon trip, like snorkelling, sea walking, diving, jet skiing and parasailing.

This island is home to thousands of rare and extrinsic marine animals, like stingrays, baby sharks and groupers surrounded by vivid colours giving off an extremely pristine hue.

Our Honeymoon at Maldives Was All About Romantic Sunsets & Experience

We have booked our Maldives honeymoon package from Chennai, but tourists can find a number of high-end resorts and seafront hotels for an amazing staycation with their loved ones. Checkout the amazing sunset at dusk on a private cruise, and capture picturesque views with the love of your life. The island has more to offer and with its deep cultural roots, amazing local people and a perfect ambiance, tourists are sure to have a time of their life.

Go Scuba diving with your partner

One of the most amazing things to do in your honeymoon is scuba diving. Observing the vivid and extremely fascinating marine life beneath the sea shore, The Maldives Island is home to rare species like snappers, angel fishes, and the famous nemo fish as well. Spot Sting rays and swim along with dolphins and baby sharks as well. Scuba diving is a great adventure sport to fitness the colourful and extrinsic coral life with its picturesque hue enlightening the entire underwater world. Scuba diving in the Maldives can be best enjoyed at Maaya Thila.

Visit Vaadhoo Island

What might seem like a normal island shore in the morning turns into a glowing attraction at night. The phenomenon called bioluminescence can be best felt at this unique island. The phytoplankton living in the waters light up at night and appear like shining crystals in the dark ocean water. Splash around on the beach and chase the phytoplankton as they emit the fluorescent colour off. Vaadhoo island is one of most crowded attractions as well and comes with high rated accommodations, an amazing range of beach activities like kayaking, parasailing and scuba diving in your trip.

Get a spa treatment with your partner

The real island essence can be best felt with a relaxing spa treatment at the best of resorts and spa treatment centres. Take a break from the tiring tourist activities of the day and hop on for a relaxing and soothing spa treatment from the hands of experts. With aromatic scented perfumes and special oils, these spa treatments are the best way to nurture your body and get rid of toxicity as well. The best places in Maldives for a spa massage are Taj exotica spa resort, Paradise island resort, Medhufushi island resort and amaya resort as well.

Try out water sports in Maldives

From scuba diving to kayaking, and from parasailing to deep underwater sea walking, Maldives is the hub for all high-end and extreme water sports for the thrill lover inside you. If you’re visiting Vaadhoo island then hop on for an amazing scuba diving experience and spot rare and humongous marine animals like dolphins and sharks up close. Kayaking is a very soothing adventure sport and a great way to explore the island around you. At your leisure, spend some time fishing at the shore and also snorkelling.

Candle lit dinner by the beach

Especially for honeymooners, what’s better than a calming and private candlelit dinner affair with your loved ones alongside the beautiful shore of Hulhumale beach. The beach is one of the least visited and secluded beaches in Maldives, untouched by the tourists. Book for an exclusive candle lit dinner affair and relish upon sumptuous island snacks as you chat and make special memories with your loved ones. You can also enjoy private massage and spa sessions at this beach.

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