Places to Visit in November in India

Places to visit in November in India

Searching for places to visit in November in India? November is the time when the weather is pleasant all over the country and it’s mildly cold making it suitable for us to vacation around.

There are two types of travelers during this month: the ones who want to enjoy tropical weather and the others who wish to see winter in its full glory.

While you might want to vacation abroad but you’re not able to, there are beautiful places in our very own country which you definitely need to explore right now. Before proceeding further check out our cool articles like Best Places to Visit in India with Friends and Cheapest Country to Visit from India.

Top 6 Places to visit in November in India

1. Goa

If giochi di abilita mentale gratis you have a thing for the tropical beachy getaways then Goa is one of the must visit destinations in India for you.

Goa Places to visit in November in India

It is a typical and go to place for all the youngsters out there and can be quite budget friendly too. Situated in the western part of the country, it has a beautiful Arabian sea coastline with its Portuguese colonial heritage.

The beautiful churches, Portuguese cuisine, rave parties and dazzling night life is all you need to experience once in your lifetime.

2. Mumbai

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and while also being the home to the Hindi movie industry, Bollywood and has ample of exciting things to do. It’s the city that never sleeps.


The winters in Mumbai are pleasant and it’s a coastal city with beautiful beaches, a lavish Colonial architecture and high end city life in the south of Bombay city.

Experience the thrilling nightlife of Mumbai, the gorgeous beaches and go on a shopping spree to one of the best places in India and also the best street shops out there.

3. Jaipur

The capital city of the state of Rajasthan will leave you feeling royal. Jaipur is a tourist hotspot. Filled with innumerable beautiful forts taking you back to the time of the Rajput rulers, this city is often known as the pink city.


It’s a city situated in the state of the great Thar desert, camel safaris are a must try activity, also spending a night at a desert camp can be a life experience. Jaipur has pleasant November mornings and mildly cold evenings making it a preferable weather condition. Make it a must visit in your travel checklist.

4. Darjeeling

It’s a beautiful hill station town in West Bengal famous for its tea gardens and the Darjeeling Himalayan railways, the toy train. It was a summer holiday spot for the British Raj officers and now is a famous holiday destination for people who love winter in full bloom.


Darjeeling has rainy weather because of its geographic location, which makes it even more beautiful. It’s full of beautiful wildlife and has greenery all year round.

Having tea at the Dadar tea museum, eating Maggi sitting atop a hill while the lights shine bright below and enjoying the adventures on the toy train is all you need to experience at least once.

5. Kochi

Kochi is a beautiful city situated in the southernmost state of the country, Kerala.  Again a city full of beaches, it also has a Colonial influence to it.


This city has some very beautiful churches, gorgeous beaches such as Fort Kochi beach and Cherai beach and it’s a treat for nature lovers. Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary has some beautiful birds for you to know about and explore.

Kerala is also rich and vast in its heritage, visit the cultural museum for a better understanding of it and watch the traditional dance form ‘kathakali’, don’t forget the native Malayali martial art called ‘kalaripayattu’.

6. Srinagar

The beautiful winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir is famous worldwide for its beauty that’s captivating and picturesque.


House boats, from budget to luxury, Chinar leaves, lakes and water bodies, valleys filled with flowers, beautiful Shikaras and the markets filled with pashminas everything looks like straight out of a movie. Mother nature herself is infested here in multiple forms.

Srinagar is so beautiful that it leaves you surprised. Enjoy the Shikara rides, stay in a houseboat, experience the fall with beautiful crimson maple leaves covering the ground like a carpet as you walk over them and watch floating markets while you enjoy warm Kehwa and enjoy the fresh apples.


These places are some of many gorgeous holiday destinations that India has. Indeed India is a land of diversity, how surprising is it that it has different weather patterns all across the country at the same time and it’s such a matter of convenience for people who got wanderlust like us!

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